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Meet Erica

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Erica Ellle

Entrepreneur, #1 Light Language Activator, Mentor, Cosmic Channel, & Podcaster

Erica embarked on her spiritual journey unknowingly in 2019 after she stripped herself of her life- she quit her job, moved out of NYC, and broke up with her partner. This led her to an intense self exploration journey through several modalities of online courses, personal development books, meditation, kundalini yoga, tarot, astrology, and so many others to find this missing piece she was longing for.

This ultimately led her to discovering the multidimensional aspects of herself, energy work, & the beginning of her spiritual awakening. She discovered her true calling & passion - to help others unlock their own inner knowing & soul language - light language.

Erica's background is in the medical field as she has spent the last 6 years in various specialties as a nurse- cardiac stepdown, cardiothoracic intensive care, pre/post surgical, and travel nursing. She has always felt and believed in caring for people through connecting the mind, body, & soul. 

As she continued her channeling & light language training and expansion- she discovered how much untapped potential we have to help heal ourselves & others through energy work...after all we are more energy than we are matter..

Erica is here to facilitate this bridge of healing with her knowledge of the body and energy. Her mission is to help others tap into their own healing powers and spiritual gifts so they can facilitate their own healing & others.

She is not here to change the system of the standard healthcare- she is here to recreate it.

Erica offers 1:1 mentorship and sessions to activate your soul mission and master your energy. Check out her online courses & offerings to unlock your inner guidance within.

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