Eternal Expansion!

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Meet Erica

Entrepreneur, #1 Light Language Activator, Mentor, Cosmic Channel, & Podcaster

Her calling & passion is to help activate your light language + own your inner alien. Step through the expansion portal with Erica and allow her to guide you through your weirdest, most authentic, highest timeline of your life.


Learn more about her spiritual awakening and journey here.

From My Podcast

Every week, a new podcasts of expansion, interviews, channeled messages, light language & more will be here!

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Eternal Expansion Podcast

You have the power & energy to create worlds. You are eternally expanding.


This podcast captures part of that expansion process by documenting Erica's expansion journey & interviews of people all over the world expanding through their spiritual journey, healing modalities, impact, love & the simple yet powerful thing of all- being themselves.

This podcast holds channeled messages, light language, & activations within the solo episodes with Erica. Tune in and follow the magic.

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